Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winston Churchill and Western Civilization

The Western Civilization is by far the most outstanding, brilliant, inventive, creative, freest, diverse civilization which has brought technological progress and betterment for mankind in terms of standard of living, health, freedom, freedom of speech, individual liberty, equality, human rights, just law and a myriad of other achievements through providing the qualities necessary for man's intellect and genius to prosper than no other civilization in the history of mankind.
Our civilization, culture and way of life is in danger from exterior forces with a retrovision of the dark ages and barbarism motivated by a religious ideology of supremacism and conquest.
Our goal is to defend our Civilization, Freedom Of Expression and to raise awareness about the very issues which threatens our freedoms, way of life and society.
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Here was the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message.”- - Sir Winston Churchill on Adolf Hitler's autobiography Mein Kampf, in The Second World War, Vol. I (The Gathering Storm).

“In a very few years, perhaps in a very few months, we shall be confronted with demands with which we shall no doubt be invited to comply. Those demands may affect the surrender of territory or the surrender of liberty. I foresee and foretell that the policy of submission will carry with it restrictions upon the freedom of speech and debate in Parliament, on public platforms, and discussions in the press, for it will be said--indeed, I hear it said sometimes now - that we cannot allow the Nazi system of dictatorship to be criticized by ordinary, common English politicians. Then, with a press under control, in part direct but more potently indirect, with every organ of public opinion doped and chloroformed into acquiescence, we shall be conducted along further stages of our journey.” -- Sir Winston Churchill

The man who holds a huge part in Western Civilization as we've enjoyed it for so long we've taken it for granted also had a vision that kept "Peace Treaties" such as those at Munich from allowing him
to feel at ease. He had a sense that Russian Communism and Nazi German were imminent
threats, and his vision and "paranoia" seemed to be more than that, they were
Harsh Realities that cost millions of lives.  The myth that he knew the holocaust
was taking place and he could crack German codes is absurd.  He spoke,
He tried, but a one man army he couldn't be,and with the naysayers he
was helpless and despite outside optimism and encouraging attitudes,
these facts ate him up iniside. There are a bunch of us who 
see modern day Winston Churchills in some brave brilliant
leaders today, Allen West to Geert Wilders, but they
suffer the same frustrations of appeasers, deniers
IDIOTS who are aiders and abettors to the 
demise of our civilized Western way of life,
to the demise of our lives, period. When 
the Genocide begins, we are among the
first to hit the ditches, six feet under
or six inches, either way, dignity
will not be a factor, no glorious
headstones filled with accomplishments
just dirt thrown on multiple bodies
like those of the jews in Nazi Germany
Bring on the Modern Day Winston Churchills We couldn't need you more than we do now, more than ever.

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