Friday, May 6, 2011

Left in Doubt, Speculations, and Real Questions Under Obama, The Usual Mode of Operation

First of all, this man, Barry Soetero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, is a proven LIAR. Not just your typical Politician with his arsenal of deception techniques that even include wishful thinking promises that could never be promised by a mortal, President of the USA or King of Sheba.

There is NO proof, no evidence, absolutely NOTHING other than this LYING, self gratifying and promoting fool's word. HIS WORD IS NO GOOD. He has NO credibility, is a slimy chameleon that slips in and out of personalities and values held as the critics and polls fluctuate. His strategy and only goal: STAY IN POWER whatever it takes, however despicable, deceptive and sleazy it may be. And IT IS.. ALL OF IT.

The Truth will come out, it always does, eventually. Bin Laden is Dead, Halle-fucking-loo-yah!! It was bound to happen sooner or later. The man was aging at an accelerated pace due to failing kidneys and his frailty left him virtually impotent as anything other than the poster child for terrorism, and the mastermind of 9-11, which had been forced into the abyss of lost memories by the very man who campaigned and feigned on the tomb. SICK KARMA BITCH. It's coming your way, and when the truth comes out, PEOPLE, a corrupt charlatan will emerge, making the United States the biggest joke on the map. We'll come back because the Liberal population will be extinct after this attempt at a world deteriorated by Western Civilization's demise. You, yourselves to despise.

George W. Bush will be the last of the best, until Allen West. They'll share the humble light, that rekindles the USA and our values so RIGHT. God Bless America, George W. Bush, and the U.S. Troops.

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