Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Facade of a Leader

"I am concerned that the withdrawal plan that President Obamaannounced tonight poses an unnecessary risk to the hard-won gains that our troops have made thus far in Afghanistan and to the decisive progress that must still be made," McCain said. "This is not the 'modest' withdrawal that I and others had hoped for and advocated."

Obama is the most passive president ever.  He has not made ONE decision that has been
exempt from severe vilification, much less praise.  He has created the biggest epic failure of a policy that he continues to shove down our throats.  Obamacare = EVIL.  Every one of his own decisions has been detrimental to The United States of America, The American Way, and We, The People.  He is purposefully driving the economy into a nosedive.  The problem he didn't anticipate and now has him scrambling to manipulate: The Crash Of The Dollar... Not so Powerful a President of a country who's status as the World Reserve Currency Plummets to a worthless Negative Credit Rating, in effect, a peso goes further than a dollar.  EPIC FAIL.  Forget OBL, he was dead already.  His death had NOTHING to do with Obama and everything to do with our Outstanding Military.  General Petraeus is a hero, unsung and omitted by Obama's History rewriting powers...  Get this fraud out of office.  He is stripping us of all we had before his war against America began, on Inauguration Day 2009. 

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