Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Power Play Positioning ~ How Does This Shizz Fly Over Heads?!

The dome of the US Capitol building.Image via WikipediaIs it not obvious that this fraud freak show in office is so positioning himself to push through an emergency job stimulus spending bill?  The guy is all about spending money.  None of the stimulus funds showed to have anything but a negative effect on job creation AND the economy....

Does anyone track the money? Who keeps track of receipts, proof that legitimate dollars went to legitimate plans stated-------------?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The dude has been spewing bull crap everywhere, and for someone who wants to take our farms out of production, he sure is knee deep in manure and it stinks.. The complete crap about him focusing on jobs the minute he wakes up and the last thing he thinks about before going to bed is either the biggest ( one of many of the biggest)  falsehood(s) ever, or the proof in the poor performance... restated:  MAGNIFICENT FAIL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

There has to be a demand, a legislated mandate, a requirement for this thief to have someone, including a team of lawyers, (neutral and not appointed by democrats), same with accountants, and book balancings keepers from the PRIVATE SECTOR keeping track, with all numbers and recipients completely reconciling and verified as dollars legally spent as projected by the plan laid out... And an audit on every dime this Socialist Gluttonous Sloth has pissed away only God knows where...  I want proof of where those dollars went.. The People, All of us, All of Congress Should WANT PROOF of the misused and abused funds given to a freakin' poor guy in a rich guy's position.  He's clueless, never had a job, other than sucking off wealthy men, selling dope, and duping the public.

If this man isn't out of our faces after the next election, I guarantee his life will be in jeopardy..... Someone will lose their shit over it and take the mother fucker OUT.... It doesn't take a psychic to predict it....  I"m surprised it hasn't happened yet...although he spends so much he's got state of the art, insanely advanced protective technology for his narcissistic ass.   We are not giving our country to this fucking Anti American Socialist.  We'll FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!
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