Monday, January 23, 2012

Bigger Government Where? Wherever it weakens the people, our defense and This Country's Strength, This is BULLSHIT

Bigger Government is slowly taking all our freedoms away.    The amount of American's sucking off the Government's breast is massively huge, bigger than ever.  Whites, Blacks, Browns, no one is discriminated against  and racism has dwindled to an Al Sharpton's hair raising low.  Fuck you and your racist rabble rousing.  Morris Dees, please!   Quit crying about your death threats and begging your "friends" for money.  You're chasing Klansmen for Krist's Sake, What do you want?  A glass of vintage moonshine and an award's dinner at the Ritz Cracker Diner?    Mississippi called, it wants it's progression back, you LIBERAL LUNATIC LOSERS!!  

~Bigger Government, eh?  Everyone should have Healthcare, eh?  We should ALL do our "FAIR SHARE", eh?    That ain't how it works ASSHOLES.    Doctors will have revolving doors, they already do, you'l die in the emergency room from a gunshot wound you received walking from your highly secure, crime free side walk to your front door because Timmy shoved a Lego up his nose for the fifth time this week, and he got there before your blood emptying body arrives, soon to be proclaimed as D.O.A., which was four hours after the A.

You think the forever stuck in childhood, so called "man" who lives off poptarts, strawberry, of course - gotta have your daily fruit serving, Marlboros, and Coors Light  --works a few hours a week when it isn't cutting into his t.v. or buzz catching time deserves the same health care a man who works hard, still makes it to the gym, or at least the track to stay in healthy shape, goes to the grocery store so he doesn't have to fill his arteries with plugs made your way by the Burger hut drive thru?   These two guys deserve the same health care?   What if one is subconsciously suicidal and has had close calls before?  The other man has an episode that can be treated by simple drug therapy, but never gets it because the repeat offenders keep filling their systems with poison?   That's the Fair share you want, eh?   Come here and let me give you a fair share of my FIST so you can go get your face put back together at that healthcare provider you think should treat everyone "fairly"...  Ass licks!!
Some people, no matter how much you help them, hand them money for nothing, their checks for free, are going to spend it on what they would spend their previous chump change on, but instead, with tax payer's money and in larger amounts.  More illegal drugs, game boys, and other lazy  gluttonous pleasures.  "This is THE LIFE" they think.   They sink deeper into depression and despair.  Free money keeps them stuck, dependent and fearful that evil Republicans will take it all away..

WELL WAKE UP IDIOTS!!! You over educated geeks hiding in your class rooms, distracted by government propaganda you see before you play it for your raw brained students, ready to soak it all in to their eventual dismay.  

When Big Government comes to your door, and you're not the powerful rich anymore, get on your knees and suck the Government's dick because the nourishing comfort of it's breast has dried up, you'll have to take your nourishment from alternative sources, and THEY will show you where you need to come and get it!!

You don't have any defenses do you?  When you're at the trough and given a number soon to be tattooed on your ass, you can kiss mine, cause the tattoo I have was placed where I wanted it, and I'm armed and FREE, no longer on THIS land, thanks to you and thee.

Buy arsenic now, it's THE hot commodity.  

Panetta, Clinton warn that State, Defense budget cuts undermine national security

By Justin Sink 08/16/11 11:14 AM ET
Steep cuts to military or diplomatic budgets could undermine national security, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Tuesday in a joint appearance. 
The two Cabinet members said cuts that could be triggered under the debt-ceiling deal signed by President Obama earlier this month could hurt U.S. troops while limiting the State Department's ability to engage in diplomacy. 
"[The proposed cuts] would break faith with troops and their families," Panetta said. "It would literally undercut our ability to provide for the national defense."

Clinton echoed the new Pentagon leader's concerns, warning that budget were casting "a pall" over the U.S. ability to project its security interests. 
"I'm not saying we should be exempt, but we have to do a reasonable analysis of what our needs are," Clinton said.
Panetta and Clinton chose a town-hall event at National Defense University Tuesday morning to raise their concerns. The event was aimed at underscoring the increasing cooperation between their departments. Clinton had a close working relationship with ex-Pentagon chief Robert Gates, and Tuesday's event underscored efforts Clinton and Panetta are making to remain on the same page. 
Clinton cautioned that while cuts to foreign aid might be politically palatable, she believed that the United States was missing an opportunity for a modern-day Marshall plan in response to the wave of popular uprisings in the Arab world.
"We have an opportunity right now in the Middle East and North Africa that I'm not sure we're going to be able to meet," Clinton said.

 Panetta was questioned about a CBS report that the military was considering an overhaul of the military retirement system that would replace the current pension program with a 401(k)-style plan, and confirmed that the department was studying the idea.

 "No decisions have been made, but it's the kind of thing that has to be considered." Panetta said. "You have to look at everything on the table."

Under the debt-ceiling deal struck earlier this month, the Defense Department faces an additional $500 billion in cuts unless Congress adopts the deficit supercommittee's suggestions.
Those cuts will be triggered if the new panel's members are unable to reach a deal on $1.5 trillion in deficit cuts, or if Congress rejects the panel's proposal.
While the secretaries were primarily concerned with pushing back against possible budget cuts, they also took time to promote increased cooperation between their departments. Clinton and Gates took great pains to coordinate their missions prior to Gates' retirement.

"We are a nation that has a special role in the world - a special role because of our military power, a special role because of our diplomatic power," Panetta said.
At the event, Clinton was also asked about the U.S. response to the conflict in Syria and again avoided explicitly calling on Syrian President Bashar Assad to resign.
Panetta refused to comment on reports that the Pakistanis had allowed the Chinese to study wreckage from the stealth helicopter that crashed during the Osama bin Laden raid.
Panetta was also asked about the possibility of political engagement with the Taliban in Afghanistan, a strategy that American officials have shied away from in the past.
"Part of the mission is supporting Afghani reconciliation," Panetta said. "There has to be political resolution ... but we want this to be Afghani-led and Afghani-owned."