Thursday, December 20, 2012

The guy's mom is dead. The father is alive and well, as well as his brother. They were both said to be cooperating and willing to talk and give as much information to the Police as they could... NOW, this is a mysterious story with nothing but forensics, witnesses, and crap the WH has manipulated to fit his agenda, just like EVERYTHING else that happens in this Corrupt Administration. Talk to the father, that is, if he's not too busy being programmed to forget everything with the Holmes "joker" shooter in Aurora, CO. His dad is involved in testifying in the same massive fraud scam with our government the prime prospects found to have been "STEALING" skimming, embezzling, racketeering, swindling, thieving from the People in excess of 43 trillion dollars.

Throw them all over a "Cliff"