Friday, December 21, 2012



So you think ANY government can control guns?

THINK AGAIN!!   There are millions of homemade guns, and no doubt they're NOT registered.
It's NO JOKE that people will resort to whatever more dangerous measures for desperate times
(Gun Grabbing Bans and Restrictions against the People's right to bear arms)   It will be WORSE when that kind of despotic action is taken making law abiding citizens criminals.   This government has to acknowledge how much they have to lose  ( Obviously MORE than they've considered given their knee JERK reactions)  The people need to think outside the haze of their mind controlling propaganda that will put us in a much more dire and dangerous risk for our safety, you'll wish you took a minute to realize YOU'RE BEING CONTROLLED.. DUPED and rendered targets; helpless, useful idiots.

This link will take you to an eye opening video of the hundreds of simple homemade weapons with serious heat packing punch behind them.   This is just a drop in the bucket of how many are out there and WILL surely increase in numbers as people are making them right now, at a much faster rate.


** The person who posted this does not advocate any illegal use or manufacturing of firearms, period.  People who violate our laws, especially those that jeopardize The Second Amendment are enemies to We, The People of the United States who respect the laws.  Heartbroken by the losses of late, beautiful innocent lives lost when they were just beginning, the horrific pain imposed on those involved and the families who will never be the same again, it is critical that the issues be discussed, rationally, and with every statistic, fact, and dynamic involved.   Any impulsive legislation made at this time is just that, impulsive, knee jerk, negligent responses that jeopardize the peace and civility of a Nation with extremely low rating for gun related deaths and a World already wrought with death and violence at an all time high.   Society has some sobering realities to learn.  As long as politicians are advocating to take away any of our Constitutional rights, we must stay aware, informed and vigilant to render those power grabbing control freaks powerless, at THE POLLS.  Vote THEM OUT.  Especially ANY legislator who has even the slightest anti-gun record.  Guns, at any degree of strength and power, are NOT THE PROBLEM.  POLITICIANS ARE  **