Friday, September 13, 2013

  In response to a comment about this "President" put in I can't buy into the fact  that he was elected ONLY because he was black, or that race was a reason for his candidacy's success. His character (lack thereof) one with no loyalty, integrity, toxic with malignant narcissism and a virulent hatred and resentment for Americans and The American way made him a perfect candidate for the Left's agenda.  His exceptional natural ability to hide the hate, (in the beginning) was only a valuable gift that was larger than life or Reality.  He was the dynamic oration sensation.  His gift would come to be our curse.  His racial diversity was just the bonus for his investors to exploit and again, use for their agenda to divide on deeper levels... It's really disgusting to see the propagandized regression of race relations.  I don't see or feel it anywhere, but maybe that's because I was raised by a mother who escaped the ravages of communist regimes, as a Roman Catholic Pole of Italian descent whose father was imprisoned for political dissent and was never heard from again. Her  grandparents were killed in the destruction of their farm, her and her mother were taken to work camps,  ( atrocious circumstances) and The U.S. Army, she remembers the specific Battalion, liberated her and her mother.

When she came to this country, she was beyond grateful, relieved, and loved everything and everyone she came to know on the way. She was able to work hard to put herself through College in NYC, where she eventually worked her way to the top of Singer Corporation and then ended  up meeting the love of her life, my father, an American Columbia Law school graduate, who got in with scholarships from an incredibly high level of academic achievements in undergraduate school, also on scholarships from his above average academic and leadership excellence ( years in the navy),as he came from modest means.   Conversely, my dad is a far Left Liberal Democrat, sorry, but he's old school and is an over educated elitist, and  we will throw down in heated disagreement,  but he's still my hero and I love him too much to hold his stubborn blind views against him. My mother came to this country for her survival, and to live the American dream was merely the result of her desire to work hard to get past just surviving.

My mom always raised me to never ever take our freedoms for granted,  value my country and fellow Americans, never judging others by their heritage, religion, race, or "class"    I hold those ideals in my core.  And unchanged,  I see an enemy within of no color.  He's a chameleon, and by nature, chameleons have no true colors.